Q:   Are you really the best pet store online?
A:   Well, we like to think so.  Sorry about our ego.

Q:   If something is not listed on the site, can you find it for me?
A:    We will try really hard to find it for you at a reasonable price.   If we can’t find an item, the wholesaler is likely out temporarily.  We will try and give you time frames if that is the case.
Q:   A lot of items don’t say anything about shipping?
A:   Most products have shipping costs worked into the price.  A few, like the larger aquariums, we have to charge a handling fee because the product is simply so large.
Q:  Do you match prices?
A:   We will try our best.  Send us an email. If we can’t for whatever reason we will honestly try and find you an even better price somewhere.
Q:  What kind of pet is the best?
A:   Well, you know, to each his or her own.  But we love our Goldendoodle!  And fish are quite relaxing.

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