Clear-for-Life UniQuarium Tube Aquarium

$1,875.00 $1,600.00

 Better water circulation!  Free Shipping to Continental U.S.

The UniQuarium is the perfect choice for both novice and the professional aquarium hobbyist.  Unlike conventional aquarium system, it is very easy to install and maintain.  The self-contained filtration system is completely concealed in the back of the aquarium.  No more tubes, hanging filters, pumps or hoses to detract from the beauty of your aquarium setup.  UniQuarium’s three-in-one filtration system combines mechanical, chemical, and biological filters for a perfectly balanced environment.  The high-capacity filtration system uses a larger filter area and is ideal for both fresh and salt water set-ups.  The unique dual-return allows for better water circulation between the aquarium.  There are additional slots provided for heaters and venturi skimmers.  The UniQuarium’s submerged filters make the system very quiet and pleasing to operate!  The UniQuarium comes in several different sizes and styles, all made in the USA with the finest domestic cast acrylic.
  • Acrylic aquarium
  • Water Type: Fresh or Salt
  • Classic rectangular shape
  • Mechanical, chemical, and biological all-in-one filter
  • Lighter, brighter, safer, and stronger than glass
  • Available in a variety of size options
  • Reinforced packaging to ensure damage free delivery
  • Made in USA
  • All Clear-For-Life acrylic aquariums come with a Limited Lifetime warranty against leakage so you know your investment is protected. These aquariums are the perfect choice for freshwater, marine, reef or planted aquarium setups.
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